Following All Your Feedback, We Made G-mee Connect 2

Ram and Storage, we doubled it. 

You said you want a snappier user experience. Apps to open faster and more of them to be accessible all at once, better for Games and you want to connect attachments like fitness trackers and smartwatches.

So we doubled the Ram to 2gb.

You said you wanted more internal storage to install more apps. External memory is great for mp3 files and other content, but apps like to install on internal memory.

So we doubled the storage to 16gb.

Better Calling Experience 

You told us you want a better calling experience. You want to make phone calls in more places, even if mobile reception was poor. So we added Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWifi) so you can make a call over wifi (for compatible service providers). You also want better audio quality during a call, so you can now make calls over the 4G network using VoLTE.

Voice-over Wi-Fi and Voice-over 4G (LTE) now included

Charging is now up to 50% faster

You said you want the device to charge faster – you said this would make the experience mor convenient. Well, Connect 2 will charge up to 50% faster.

Better Touch Screen Experience 

You told us you want an even better touchscreen experience. You want more accuracy when you select points on the screen. You said you loved the included screen protector, but you didn’t want to have to install it yourself!

Following months of R&D the new touchscreen is more accurate, stronger and we now fit the tempered glass screen protector at the factory.

Newer OS Please

You asked for a newer operating system with the latest android features, and you wanted more regular security and feature updates.

Connect 2 users Android 11 Go with security updates released quarterly.

Call Manager is Great, BUT

You love the included call manager and the ability to tailor who your Connect can call and receive calls from, but you don’t want to have to download it and install it.

Call manager is now embedded on the G-mee Connect 2 OS. Just activate the app during the initial setup if you want to use it, if you don’t need it, then disable the through the settings.