Harry Potter On Spotify, Read By Beckham, Radcliffe and More

Harry Potter fans take note, you can now enjoy the wonders of J.K. Rowling on Spotify and Spotify Kids. Spotify made it clear that they plan to be an audio entertainment platform, not just a place where you listen to music. Podcasts arrived first and now the wonders of boy wizard Harry Potter as an audio book have just been announced.

The first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone has been released on the platform read by well-known stars such as Stephen Fry, David Beckham and of course Daniel Radcliffe.

There are already lots of Harry Potter reading and  commentary on the Spotify platform already, but this is the first time we have seen well-known stars, in their homes, reading to you in your home.

Readings are being released on a chapter by chapter basis, with Daniel Radcliffe the first reader, kicking off with Chapter 1. To find the readings under this promotion, search your Spotify or Spotify kid’s app with ‘Harry Potter At Home Reading’. The first chapter goes for 25 minutes and chapters will be released regularly.

Your G-mee device is a great way to play Spotify and Spotify Kids, and with the out-of-the-box safety features of no camera and built-in app lock feature, you can give the whole family access to these Harry Potter audio experiences via the Spotify and Spotify Kids App.