Popular Apps on G-mee Play

We are regularly told by customers their favourite apps to use on their G-mee play. We thought would list at the top three and encourage you to submit your favourites.

Spotify and Spotify Kids

The world’s largest streaming music and audio content platform is the favourite app as communicated to us by you. The ability to create playlists for all types of different scenarios from getting ready for the day to winding down at night time, Spotify is a favourite. Spotify offers a family plan that allows up to 5 extra users to attach their account to the one family plan subscription. As a parent you can set parameters around the type of audio content available. You can block explicit music, and listen without advertising interruption, enhance the sound quality to a higher bit rate and more.

Another benefit is accessing Spotify kids (region dependent). This is a separate app that hosts targeted content for the youngest members of the family. The number of songs is in the thousands of verses the millions for the regular Spotify app, but it’s a targeted service and one that you can use for the kids in the family. You can then transition across to the main app when they’re older. Many of our G-mee customers tell us they use regular Spotify app but help the kids create some playlists for music they like.


One of the best apps around to help kids learn an all-new language. Duolingo makes learning a new language fun and entertaining. The process of learning a new language has been gamified with lots of puzzles and exercises designed to make it easier than ever to learn to speak a different language. Duolingo also has young users in mind as it regularly reminds you to get back to the app whenever possible to continue your education, I mean game. Duolingo is free and inside you get enough to learn, but you can upgrade to the paid app called ‘Duolingo Plus’. The basic difference with Plus is you get some more features and you don’t have to be exposed to some of the annoying ones in the free version. Basically, if you can consume the ads in the free version best to stay with that one!

Smiling Mind

It’s so good to finish the day with a mindfulness exercise and the free Smiling Mind app will help you to do just that. Smiling mind is a not-for-profit kids mindfulness service that creates a range of meditations for kids to destress or just help clear their mind. It’s great for using at the end of a hard day at school or as a mechanism to help clear your mind to send you off to sleep. When loaded onto the G-mee Play it can be set to play a mindfulness exercise and then just finish to silence as your kids are now sleep. This app is not just used by parents for their kids, but also by teachers to help their students with a 15 minute mind break during the day.