Audio platforms that are perfect for the school holidays

From science fiction to education, business development and even kids books, there are a number of audio options available to give your loved ones the audio experience and me time that we all need.


Audible is the world’s largest producer and provider of spoken-word entertainment and audiobooks, so there are bound to be a few in their collection that you are sure to love.

With the ability to set up a monthly subscription to audible, you can purchase audiobooks for half the price with membership setting you back around $16.45 per month. This fee gives you one credit to use on an audiobook of your choice, and exclusive member pricing to buy a second book in the month.

Right now Audible is offering the ability to stream an incredible collection of stories while schools are closed so that they can keep on dreaming. Available across six different languages and everything from Harry Potter through to Peter Rabbit, all the favourites are there and ready to be accessed.


Did you know that your local library is prepared and has thousands of audiobooks and ebooks available for you to borrow them without an issue?

With an integrated ebook reader and an audiobook player, you can borrow books in just a few taps. Prefer to read your ebooks from your kindle? No issues there as you can send them there for your kindle reading.


Imagine getting the summed up version of your non-fiction books with all the key messages given right to you? Well, Blinkist does just that to provide you with the ability to learn anything anytime, anywhere in only 15 minutes so you can listen to insights from leading thinkers while on the go.