How Do We Protect Your G-mee?

We want you to have a great experience with your G-mee and protecting you, and your device is part of that commitment.

Each G-mee device comes with a clear plastic protective case. This is included in every box and our goal is that you attach the case to your device before you start using it.

Every G-mee also comes with a clear protective film that is stuck to your G-mee touchscreen. This is used so that during manufacture, as lots of sets of hands touch the device, your touchscreen is protected from scratches and blemishes. Please remove this plastic film before use, especially if you use a G-mee Connect as the protective film covers the earpiece and the microphone. With the protective film left on, it may affect the ability of your ear speaker and microphone to operate correctly.

Our commitment to safety goes much further than the inclusions we provide with G-mee devices. During the design phase of G-mee devices we conducted a range of tests across a number of standardised areas of the device. The Wi-Fi antenna, the battery, the power adapter and the circuit board are just some of the areas we test to ensure correct operating behaviour. For the G-mee Connect, we also test the cellular antennas across both 4G and 3G frequencies, and for every transmitting band the device operates to ensure the electromagnetic radiation output is well below the maximum allowable to be considered safe for use.

We do all this because we want your G-mee device to be fun and safe to use.

If you’ve got any questions on safety or have any ideas on we can provide further improvements to benefit customers, we would love to hear from you.