1. G-mee Play not finishing ‘Checking for updates’?

Here is the solution:

Your G-mee Play needs to connect to a Wi-Fi access point. Your device will ask you for your preferred Wi-Fi transmission option.

When you connect your device will check for updates to download. This step should take about 60 seconds.

If this step takes longer, there may be an issue accessing your home Wi-Fi network. A factory reset of the device is the best solution.

To do this, follow these steps:

a) Turn off your device
b) Turn it on again using the Power and Volume up button (hold for 10 seconds)
c) Your device will boot to a list of options – choose the ‘factory reset’ at the bottom of the list
d) Select factory reset
e) Your device will now reset and return to the setup wizard
f) Begin setting up your device again

2. Notice some bubbling on your screen?

It’s the plastic film added in the factory, just remove it and replace with the included tempered glass screen protector.

To easily apply the screen protector, you can watch the first part of the video below:

3. Does the device become slightly sluggish once you link your Google account to it?

That’s just all your apps updating, give it 10 minutes and your device will operate normally.

4. Not powering on once you insert the battery?

Plug it into the power for 2 hours and try again. If it’s still not powering on, get in touch with us at support@g-mee.com


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