Can You Transfer Your Data To G-mee

You may already have a device with names, numbers and text messages that you want to copy across to your new G-mee.

We’ve designed it so you can do just that on your G-mee Play and G-mee Connect.

We recommend that you backup your data to the cloud and restore it from there.

During the setup process, you will be required to be connected to a Wi-Fi-enabled network and sign into the same google account that the backup was saved to.

Continue through the setup steps until you get to choose a backup. Make sure you select the latest backup from your device and then select next. Unless you want to start with a clean slate, you will want to select “copy your data” to install your apps and data on your new G-mee.

To choose specifically what you want to restore and copy across to the new phone – hit select all, or just pick the data you want to transfer and then move onto the next step when prompted.

When complete, your phone will notify you and will return to the home screen.

If you want to find out more details and how you can automatically back up your phone’s information, Google has an in-depth help centre you can access by clicking here.

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