Installing Apps That Don’t Display on Google PlayStore – Amazon Music

From time to time app developers change the devices they allow to download their apps via the Google play store. Each app developer makes their own choices in regards to this practice, one that is independent from the maker of the device and the Google Playstore.

Just because an app is no longer offered to download to a device via the Google Play Store does not mean the app will not work should it be downloaded from an alternative source or if the app is already installed on a device.

We are regularly contacted by customers requesting instructions on how to directly install various apps to a G-mee device so to explain the process we have used a recent example of the app, Amazon Music. Recently we noticed this app has disappeared from the play store as a download option for G-mee Play 1. Although the Amazon Music app has been published as supporting devices as far back as Andrew 5.0 the app is no longer displaying we search ‘Amazon music’.

In such a situation, it’s still possible to install the Amazon Music app, and you can do this by following these instructions:

First, download the Amazon Music app to your PC/Mac from this app service –

Once downloaded, load the app to your G-mee Play 1 device by following the instructions on this blog outline.

Once you have loaded it to your G-mee device please watch the installation video below. This will show you the steps you need to take to install the app.

Now you have installed the app on your device and opened it you can see the app performing as expected in the video below.

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